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Demonstrating Ingenuity in the Classroom and Workplace

A group of grade 11 Information Technology students recently participated in a three part think literacy activity. Learners were introduced to the word ingenuity and required to complete a series of activities to help better understand the word.

Part 1

The first part of the lesson focused on identifying key words that described how ingenuity can be demonstrated in school and the workplace. Below is a concept map created by students who collaborated a series of ideas;

Ingenuity Mind MapPart 2

Students were required to create a logo that visually described the word ingenuity. Learners were encouraged to use the previously created concept map in order to construct a logo with meaningful content. The logo below was created by a group of students who used fine attention to detail in the overall design. This specific group of students will later create an Office Mix presentation on the subject.

Ingenuity LogoPart 3

Writing a short summary that described the completed logo was required in part three of the lesson. A sample of student work included;

The logo represents ingenuity or “thinking outside the box”. Each part of the logo comes together to form the shape of a brain, representing thinking and creativity. The brain is made up of 6 coloured parts that we think represent student ingenuity in business and technology. The gears represent how the process works and how everything must come together to create a “well-oiled” machine.
Green: Teamwork – sharing ideas through collaboration.
Purple: Data processing – Inputting, analyzing, and outputting data using a variety of software applications.
Red: Mobile computing – Formulating ideas in any location to enhance productivity using smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
Blue: Cloud computing – Providing flexible and accessible information with others.
Yellow: Instant Communication – Interacting with others using email, text, and social media.
Black: Globalization – A connection to the world without traditional borders.


I’m overall very pleased with the work completed by students! The majority of learners were able to comprehend the meaning of the word and produced some interesting looking logos. I will be writing a future blog posting as students will be creating a special project using Office Mix on this very topic. Stay tuned!

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This work by Andre Quaglia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.