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Introducing Office 365 in the classroom

Today’s lesson was to introduce my grade 9 business students to their final summative evaluation (FSE) project.  I was also pleased to have Sharon Hill from the Windsor Star to view the lesson!

I began the class by introducing students to Office 365 which is a tool that will be used to enhance collaboration and extend learning outside the classroom. Specific applications to be used include Outlook, Calendar, Tasks, OneDrive, OneNote, and Sites. The majority of my students are using a BOYD with a small minority using board provided mobile devices.


Students successfully authenticated at using the specific email address and password provided by my school board. This sounds like a simple task but can sometime be a challenge when working with teenagers who forgot things like passwords, ect.


It is also a weird feeling that students can see my first name when they saw invention requests being sent by me. A great lesson in digital citizenship! P.S. As long as students replied to me as Mr. Quaglia in a message or correspondence than I was OK!


I decided to create a class blog using “sites” to encourage idea sharing and collaboration with students. Instead of adding students manually, my school board’s I.T. department recently implemented a “Forefront Identity Manager”. This allows the teacher to select a class with all the combined students instead of having to select users one at a time. A time saving feature for sure!


Students were promptly sent an invitation email. The activity provided a good opportunity for students to think about the journey ahead and collaborate thoughts about the project.


The next task was for students to create an “About Me” PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint Oneline in OneDrive. Students were required to complete the slide show for homework by logging into Office 365.


Day two of the lesson required students to share the online PowerPoint presentation they completed for homework. The task required learners to talk about individual experiences, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Using the “Share button”, students had to add the teacher and a classmate.




The goal was to provide feedback using the “Comment” feature that is built into the online version of PowerPoint. We also had some fun and allowed twitter users to tweet the teacher a comment at @quagliaspace!


The last activity of the day was to introduce OneNote. Using a variety of previously created product commercials saved in the cloud, students were instructed to open a shared OneNote file and collaboratively provide comments about the commercials they reviewed.


I can summarize that I have much to learn about Microsoft OneNote! The activity provided was basic and did not fully utilize the three learning “spaces” that include collaboration, content, and student notebook. Stay tuned for more activities with OneNote!

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