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My First Office Mix

Here is a link to my Office Mix presentation regarding experiences at Microsoft E2 (part 2).

As a side note… I decided to give Office Mix an official first try! An add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint, Mix is a simple download from the beta site. After a quick installation, the Mix toolbar is directly added into PowerPoint’s menu bar.

Office Mix Toolbar

Functionality includes embedding video and audio clips for each slide in the deck.

Office Mix - Adding video/sound clips

An interactive quiz feature is also included and requires a third party app download from the Office App store.

Office App Store

Embedding a short quiz directly into the slide is straight forward along with indicating the number of responses you wish to set.  Selecting the default correct response is a click of a button.

Mix Survey

A neat feature is that the survey app provides analytics that will track user responses to the survey question.

Survey Data

I find this feature particularly interesting as it allows for interactivity directly within a PowerPoint presentation. I can’t wait to further test this feature in the future!

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