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Welcome to 2018!

I look forward to a fresh start in 2018 and sharing my professional development experiences with colleagues and other educators alike. Tecumseh Vista Academy is my current school, a K to 12 duel track English/French school where I serve in the capacity as Department Head of Social Studies, Business, and Cooperative Education. For those who are not familiar with my school, TVA  has a number of defining principles that make it a unique learning environment based on feedback from students, parents, and community. This includes;

  • Tecumseh’s only dual track community school
  • More opportunities and supports for students
  • Positive and nurturing relationships
  • Rigor in academic programming
  • Unique and specialized programs (academics/extra-curricular)
  • Future focused/Career focused approach to programming

The 2017 school year was a busy one, with many new exciting developments including the founding of a new experiential learning opportunity for students called eSTEAM.

TVA eSTEAMThe new program is now accepting student applications for the upcoming school year. Program benefits include;

  • Unique and specialized program designed to develop global competencies through an enhanced interdisciplinary approach focusing on the STEAM disciplines.
  • Application process:
    • Student Application Form
    • Report Card(s)
    • Grade 8 Teacher or Principal Reference Form attached
    • Pick up and submit packages from TVAS Guidance Office
  •   Career Focused Pathways:
    • Medical Sciences
    • Computer Science and Engineering
  1.  Enhanced Curriculum (focus on 21st century skills)
  2. Accelerated course offerings (grades 9 and 10)
  3. Entrepreneurship skills (Grade 11 Business Leadership Class and Cooperative Education Internship Opportunity) (grades 11 and 12)
  4. Experiential Learning Opportunities with a focus on social entrepreneurship

I look forward to communicating exciting new program developments including the inclusion of Design Thinking into my teaching practice!

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